DecisionQuest National Juror Attitude Survey:

General Attitudes Towards Lawsuits

What's Inside

The results we have outlined in this 2018 Juror Attitude Survey: General Attitudes Towards Lawsuits report will assist you in developing and refining your case strategy. If you would like more insight and assistance, please contact us at

DecisionQuest’s National Juror Attitudes Survey Report: General Attitudes Towards Lawsuits is designed to provide litigators and their clients with insight and analysis on both the current attitudes of jurors and how their attitudes have transformed.   
The data we present tells a story of the changing attitudes of jurors resulting in a substantial shift from an environment trending towards promising for corporations and defendants to one increasingly in favor of plaintiffs and their counsel. The ability to understand how a case is affected by these constantly changing attitudes and building a strategy to address them can often be the difference between winning and losing at trial.

juror attitudes towards lawsuits

What You Can Expect to Learn

  • Defendants should be concerned that more than twice as many jurors no longer believe that there are too many lawsuits.
  • The number of jurors who believe that damage awards are generally too high decreased by almost a third—and the number who believe that awards are actually too low has doubled. 
  • While jurors continue to scrutinize the intent of the plaintiff bar, the trend is to trust them more.

Source of the Survey Results

  • We surveyed 1,200 potential jurors
  • Our report includes 8 new data points
  • Our analysis is based on 30 years of experience in the field.

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