DecisionQuest National Juror Attitude Survey:

General Attitudes Towards Intellectual Property - Patents

What's Inside

DecisionQuest’s National Juror Attitude Survey Report: Intellectual Property - Patents is designed to provide patent litigators and their clients with insight and analysis about jurors and their opinions of the patent process, the PTO and their preconceived notions about inventors and patent holders.

The data we present tells a story of jurors having a lot of faith in the PTO, and who believe that companies frequently steal ideas from each other. The result is a low bar for those trying to prove infringement.

juror attitudes towards intellectual property

What You Can Expect to Learn

  • Potential jurors’ purport to understand both the rationale and the workings of the patent system.
  • How often patent infringement is done intentionally.
  • The extent to which potential jurors believe that inventors develop products by adding to existing ideas.

Source of the Survey Results

  • We surveyed 1,201 potential jurors
  • Our report includes 9 new data points
  • Our analysis is based on 30 years of experience in the field.

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