DecisionQuest National Juror Attitudes Survey:

General Attitudes Towards Corporations Report

What's Inside

The DecisionQuest General Attitudes Towards Corporations Report is designed to help litigators and their clients better understand how potential jurors view Corporate America.

The data we present range from overall opinions about corporations – which are generally positive – to feelings about specific corporate behaviors, which are quite negative

juror attitude survey

What You Can Expect to Learn

  • What percentage of potential jurors have extreme views toward corporations
  • How many believe corporations are unethical
  • How many believe that businesspeople conspire on a regular basis

… and most importantly, what does this complexity mean to litigants and their trial lawyers?

Source of the Survey Results

  • We surveyed 1,201 potential jurors
  • Our report includes 7 data points
  • Our analysis is based on 30 years of experience in the field.

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